Vaping (e-cigarettes)

Quit Vaping

Using a vaporiser is known as 'vaping'. Vaporisers (vapes or e-cigarettes) are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid (usually containing nicotine) into an aerosol for inhalation. Vaping is used as a "safer" substitute by smokers who are unable or unwilling to quit smoking or nicotine with "approved therapies". It is not recommended for non-smokers or young people under 18 years of age.

Proponents of Vaping say it is effective because it:

  • Delivers nicotine and relieves the urge to smoke, and
  • Provides a 'smoking-like experience' – it addresses the behavioural (hand-to-mouth action), sensory ('throat hit', taste, inhaling and exhaling a visible 'smoke') and social aspects of the smoking ritual – but without most of the harmful toxins in smoke.

Now, consider this. Nicotine is not the reason you smoke. Nicotine is not addictive. The only people who will ever tell you that it is, are those who wish to sell it to you, including the government, who are making billions of dollars each year in Australia from the taxes on tobacco.

Quite simply, if nicotine was addictive, it would be unlawful to sell it "over the counter". In February 2018, the government removed every item from a pharmacy shelf that contained codeine, because scientific evidence has proven codeine to be physically addictive. Now, you must get a prescription from your GP to access codeine.

If nicotine was addictive, you’d have to get a prescription from your GP for your smoking habit and the pharmacy would have to remove all those patches from their shelves. Have a look on this website at an article I have written regarding the problematic relationship between government and anti-smoking campaigns.

The "urge" to smoke is simply the subconscious minds way of seeking a dopamine release. The dopamine release triggered by nicotine. The same dopamine release that can be triggered by laughing, hugging or engaging in a pastime you enjoy.

The vapour produced contains harmful chemicals and very fine particles that are inhaled into the lungs and exhaled into the environment, but I guess the big question is "Can you get lung cancer from a vape?"

Many chemicals that cause cancer are in this vapour. Studies have found that flavourings like cinnamon can cause inflammation of lung cells. But to be fair, more research is needed to understand the long-term health risks of vaping.

However, in the 1950s, doctors were spruiking the benefits of different types of cigarettes; those with "less throat irritation" "more Doctors recommend" and similar. 60 years later, we know the consequences.

The human being is the only living, air-breathing creature on this planet that will not naturally run from smoke. Don’t kid yourself. By switching from cigarettes to a Vape, you are simply trading one mental addiction with another. Let us help you to be free from it.

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